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We have TWO full scholarships available for The Winter Dance Workshop. 


Both scholarships are nomination-based.



  1. Submit a nomination via The Winter Dance Workshop Nomination Form​

  2. The Scholarship Panel will review and select both scholarship recipients

  3. Both recipients and nominee* will be posted to all our social media profiles

  4. ONLY recipients will be notified through Instagram's direct messaging service within 24 hours of the announcement with a code* for them to apply at the conclusion of their registration process.

  5. Attend The Winter Dance Workshop


NOTE: Scholarship recipients must register for The Winter Dance Workshop in order to receive their scholarship. If a scholarship recipient is already registered, they will be reimbursed via the method used during their registration process no later than two weeks after The Winter Dance Workshop. If a scholarship recipient is unable to attend The Winter Dance Workshop, they have the option of transferring their scholarship to another dancer who will be in attendance.




Nominator Requirements:

  1. Follow @TheCreativeSpaceLLC on Instagram

  2. Submit A Nomination**

Nominators may NOT nominate themselves; however, they may nominate multiple dancers.

Nominee Requirements:

  1. Be at least 16 years of age

  2. Dance at a professional or pre-professional level

  3. Follow @TheCreativeSpaceLLC on Instagram

  4. Be nominated


*Nominee may remain anonymous. To remain anonymous please check "NO" on The Winter Dance Workshop Nomination Form

**The code will cover the cost of tickets, taxes, and fees.


***The nomination form requires the following information concerning the nominee: First Name, Last Name, IG Handle, Headshot (Upload ONLY), and a 1-3 Minute Video (Link or Upload) of the Nominee dancing.  If dancing in a group, you must submit a description of where the dancer is located in the video with appropriate timestamps, costuming, or physical placement. No reels or cuts in videos.

DEADLINE: Wednesday, December 27th at 11:59 pm

Entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered.


ANNOUNCEMENT: Saturday, December 30th at 12:00 pm

Recipients will be posted on all our social media profiles.



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